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Welcome to Intellectual Property 2017

This is the fourth time the Intellectual Property Exhibition has been held.

The idea behind the exhibition, initially, was to bring local Durban artists and crafters together to showcase their work and give the buying public a "home-grown" alternative to the mass-produced items shipped into this country from abroad.

The title "Intellectual Property" was decided on because it gets to the heart of the issue that local artists and crafters face; that is, a massive retail behemoth that continually harvests from the fertile grounds of the "small-guy" artist and crafter, and then ships the idea off-shore for cheap production. So the title is intended to encourage the viewing public to think more deeply about this issue - and hopefully decide to support local artists and crafters; instead of going for the "cookie-cutter" cheapies in the large retail stores.

Artists are invited to participate; we do not prescribe what kind of work they submit - our only requirement is that it is unique and falls broadly into the category of "gallery" work. This, we hope, results in an eclectic collection of high-end art and craft that show-cases Durban's and KZN's talent to the public.

This year the exhibition is an exciting mix of jewelery, painting, decor, craft, furniture, collaborative projects, fashion, music and performance - a bumper crop of unique, creative and contemporary work.

We are very excited to be holding the Exhibition at The Plant - one of the key venues in "The Station Drive" art precinct. We believe that this space affords us great opportunity to "spread our wings".

The opening of the Intellecual Property Exhibition will be on 5th October 2017, 5.30 for 6.00 pm at The Plant (5 Station Drive, Durban).

The opening is free and open to the public. Car guards will be present for your peace of mind. The exhibition will be opened, once again, by Rosemary Mangope, the CEO of the National Arts Council. Rosemary has been a great supporter of the Intellectual Property Exhibition concept, and has supported our efforts to expand and extend the reach of the exhibition. The exhibition will also be open until 7th October 2017. The gallery hours are: Friday 6th Oct 9.00 am to 3.00 and Saturday 7th Oct 9.00 cm to 1.00 pm.

The opening will also form part of the "First Thursdays" programme at The Station Drive art precinct.

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Intellectual Property Exhibition 2017.
For any additional queries, contact
Robin Opperman on 083 793 3408.

Robin Opperman (Creative Director - Umcebo Design)

Special Thanks & Acknowledgments

National Arts Council: Thanks to Rosemary Mangope (CEO - NAC) for her faith in the Intellectual Property Exhibition idea and the NAC's generous funding.

Mike McFadyean: For taking care of logos, graphic design, web design and general branding. For curation of Block Project.

The Plant: Thanks to Anna Savage for all the assistance.

All the Artists: For bringing their amazing talent to this event and making it so special.

Alliance Francaise: For organising a special Intellectual Property business breakfast and exhibition.

Art-Go-Round: For the live painting exhibition.

Merle's Carpets: For carpeting for pop-up shops.

The Artist Magazine: For publicity.

Eden Schools: For diplay boards.

Denis Hurley Centre (Raymond Perrier): For kindly agreeing to MC the business breakfast and the main event.

KZN Fashion Council: For fashion presentation at the business breakfast.

Don Joseph: T-Shirt Printing.

Business Arts South Africa (BASA): For support.

Ian Gordon Reed: Assistance with setup, planning and curation.

Peter John Hattingh: Assistance with Block Project and setup.

National Arts Council Logo

National Arts Council

It is a major honour to have the support of the National Arts Council.

Rosemary Mangope - CEO National Arts CouncilWe are especially honoured that Rosemary Mangope (the CEO of the National Arts Council) will be in attendance at the opening and will be delivering the keynote address.

The Plant: 5th - 7th Oct 2017
5 Station Drive