Intellectual Property Exhibition Text


Here's the final installation

Over 200 blocks, over 80 artists and crafters from all over South Africa! The Block Project has been a run-away success. The final installation is an incredible and diverse piece incorporating 3 dimensional blocks, painted blocks, quilted blocks, welded blocks, recycled name it...
Please come and see the real thing - it's amazing!
Thanks to all the artists who participated generously and enthusiastically.

Click here to view the final work. 

What is The Block Project?

We have all heard the word "pixel" - and understand it to mean the tiny little blocks of light on a screen that together, when viewed from a distance, make up an image of something. This is how images are formed on TV's, Computers, and basically all devices with screens. The word "pixel" is an abbreviation of the term "picture element".

The Block Project aims to take this idea of "gestalt" - or the brains natural propensity to percieve "the big picture" from smaller elements and translate it into an art installation made up of many picture elements contributed by different artists and crafters.

We had loads of 150mm x 150mm wood blocks cut. We invited all artists and crafters from Durban, KZN and beyond to take one of these blocks from us, and create their own artwork. There were no rules on medium, subject, colour etc.. - artists did what they wanted. Our only rule was that the artwork must be kept within the perimeter of the block.

Artists did not pay for the block, but they used their own materials to do their artwork.

The idea is that when the audience views the installation from afar, they will see the heart motif, but when they move in close they get to see each artists unique piece.

We feel this installation expresses visually what the "heart" of Intellectual Property is about - "a celebration of creativity".

Mike McFadyean - Project Curator


Block projects have been done many times before in all shapes and forms. So this is not an altogether original idea; however, we feel that we can give the idea a fresh contemporary twist by creating an installation that visually expresses the spirit of the Intellectual Property concept.

Mike McFadyean - Project Curator